Manual Hoists and Winches

196 Series Ultra Low Headroom Hand Chain Hoist

Capacities from 1000kg to 25000kg

Manual chain hoists of special designs are needed when it is not possible to use standard hoists. i.e lack of space available or special environmental conditions. Morris can offer the 196 Series Ultra Low Headroom Hand Chain Hoist configuration for these purposes.

Fitted with overload protection as standard
Machined trolley wheels with roller bearings
Zinc plated high quality loadchain to EN818-7-T
Zinc plated handchain to DIN 766

Optional Spark Resistant & Marine Spec.

Other options Morris offer are the Ultra Low Headroom manual hoist suitable for marine or hazardous environments. These hoists meet internationally recognised standards and regulations.

Use in Zone 1, 21
Upto temperature class T4
Gas explosion group upto IIB
Ultra low headroom