Manual Hoists and Winches

190 Series Hand Chain Hoist

A Quality Product

  Load limiter
Protects the hoist against excessive overload

Stainless steel loadchain and handchain

Capacity reduction required

Spark resistant and marine specification


The 190 Series are world class products of high quality, low cost, light weight and high endurance in capacities from 500kg to 20000kg. The key capacities 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg and 3000kg are Class M2 hoists for heavy-duty use giving twice the working life of Class M1 units commonly available in the market.

The Morris 190 design exceeds BS EN 13157* and includes safety hooks. The hoists have a safety factor of 5:1 (M2). *1500kg-Grade 100 loadchain is fitted.

For optimised strength and wear resistance Morris fit as standard an anti-corrosive finish grade 80 loadchain.The 190 has proven minimal maintenance and long life lubrication.

Built in 164 series push or hand geared trolleys are offered for 500kg to 10000kg capacities. Hook suspension hoists are used with 164 series trolleys with 16000kg and 2000kg capacities providing a hung in arrangement.

Hook suspension is available for all capacities and all hook suspension hoists can be hung into push or hand geared Morris 164 travelling trolleys.

Twin pawl mechanism as standard
- additional safety

Surface hardened gears
- extended working life

Use of needle roller bearings
- high operating efficiency
Self sustaining friction brake
- maintenance free
Smooth passage of loadchain
Smooth handchain operation