Manual Hoists and Winches

164 Series Manual Trolley

Two designs with capacities from 500kg to 20000kg

  Rubber buffers

Locking device to secure trolley in position

Anti-tip guide roller

Spark resistant and marine specification

This high quality trolley range is precision engineered in capacities from 500kg to 20000kg.

The trolley enables exact positioning or easy traversing of large loads and can incorporate either manual or powered hoists
Available in push or hand geared travel versions, the 164 can be supplied to suit track widths up to 305mm
Bottom of handchain loop is 460mm from ground level
Runners are precision machined and rotate on maintenance free sealed ball bearings.The design incorporates drop stops and derailing guides in compliance with EU directives

Pusher bar fixing holes and drop stop/wheel retainers provided in all models. Anti-tip stop fitted to all geared trolleys