Manual Hoists and Winches

PL Series Levalift

Five Capacities From 750kg - 6000kg

A popular and proven design to BS EN 13157*, the versatile Morris PL Levalift is designed to perform a wide variety of lifting, pulling, tensioning and securing applications.This product incorporates the latest advances in design to provide maximum safety and strength combined with maximum operating effort.

For rapid hook positioning, the grade 100 loadchain can either be 'pulled through' or 'wound through' by means of a hand wheel.

The automatic brake function, which fully meets the relevant European Standards, ensures that any load of 20kg or more will cause the brake to be applied irrespective of the position of the motion selector.

The hoist is lightweight and compact with a robust steel construction. It requires low operating effort.

*Grade 100 loadchain is used

Capacities from 750kg - 6000kg
Automatic brake
Low operating effort
Robust steel construction

Lightweight and compact

Grade 100 loadchain