Manual Hoists and Winches

250kg Toolbox Leverhoist

Our smallest & lightness lever hoist

This hoist is the smallest and lightest lever hoist in the Morris range. Due to the multitude of application possibilities e.g. in industry, trade and service, this rachet lever hoist is indispensable.The extremely low weight and very compact design makes the hoist easy to use in very confined working conditions.

240mm headroom dimension
2kg in weight
A free chain device serves to quickly attach the load or pull the chain through the hoist in both directions
The short and ergonomic handlever makes the hoist easy to operate

Enclosed design protects the internal parts from contamination

The drop forged suspension and load hooks, that yield under overload instead of breaking, are made from non-ageing, high tensile alloy steel
The hooks are fitted with robust safety catches and rotate 360°
All parts of the disc type load brake are manufactured from high quality materials and are corrosion protected
Zinc plated load chain