Manual Hoists and Winches

PL Manual Winches

Two designs with capacities from 150kg to 3000kg across 11 models

The Wormgear Winch (WG) is available in capacities from 250kg to 3000kg. High capacity models are fitted with a dual speed feature as standard, which allows rapid lifting of light loads. Supported within a robust one piece steel frame, the drum winch can accept upto 40m of wire rope.The drum incorporates a freespooling release catch (except the 250kg model) which allows rapid manual rope pay out. It is driven through a worm gear mechanism which incorporates a heavy duty ratchet brake.

The Morris Spur Gear Winch (SG) is available in capacities from 150kg to 2000kg.This versatile design offers a choice of fixing positions and alternative 'payoff' directions.The spurgear driven drum incorporates a freewheel release catch which allows rapid manual rope payout and the load is retained by the heavy-duty brake.

Capacities from 150kg - 3000kg
Robust - easy to use design
Freespooling release catch
Smooth operation

Automatic brake

Rapid winding facility
Adjustable crank length for maximum mechanical advantage
High quality gears and braking mechanisms